1. Sarah Records Compilations
    Bristol, UK
  2. 14 Iced Bears
    Brighton, UK
  3. Aberdeen
    Los Angeles, California
  4. Another Sunny Day
    Penzance, UK
  5. Blueboy
    Reading, UK
  6. Boyracer
    Leeds, UK
  7. Brighter
    Brighton, UK
  8. East River Pipe
    New York, New York
  9. Even As We Speak
    Sydney, Australia
  10. The Field Mice
    London, UK
  11. The Harvest Ministers
    Dublin, Ireland
  12. Harvey Williams
    London, UK
  13. Heavenly
    Oxford, UK
  14. Northern Picture Library
    London, UK
  15. The Orchids
    Glasgow, UK
  16. The Sea Urchins
    Birmingham, UK
  17. Secret Shine
    Bristol, UK
  18. The Sugargliders
    Melbourne, Australia
  19. The Sweetest Ache
    Swansea, UK
  20. The Wake
    Glasgow, UK



Sarah Records was created in a basement in Bristol in November 1987 in order to release 100 perfect pop singles and bring about worldwide socialist and feminist revolution. By August 1995, when the label threw a party on a boat in Bristol harbour to celebrate the release of SARAH 100 and announce that it no longer existed (and didn’t do encores), at least one of these things had been achieved. ... more

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